Gig Review: Martin Sexton

From our friends at dsm vibe:

Martin Sexton at People’s – Photos & Recap

Posted on October 8, 2012

Word by T. Hays
Photos by Kerri Photography

Martin Sexton was in town a week or so ago, and DSMvibe was there to cover the show. Brothers McCann opened the show with their blend of acoustic soul, and sweet harmonies. Just when I thought they were leaning a bit too far towards pop for my preferences, they busted out a sweet cover of The Band’s Ophelia, and reeled me back in.

Martin took the stage a while later, and played a fantastic (though a bit subdued) set. In typical Sexton fashion, he let his versatility shine throughout the set. Whether it was a heartfelt acoustic ballad, or a soulful blues tune, he seemed to make it sound amazing. Highlights for me were Angeline, Women & Wine, Gypsy Woman, and Golden Road (with a little help on the harmonies from Brothers McCann).

Overall, it wasn’t the best Sexton show I’ve seen, though still very good. I think part of what ruined it for me were the 3 guys in the back of the bar, talking VERY loudly throughout most of the show. Martin even made light of the situation at one point by stopping mid song to call the 3 out, and essentially tell them to be quiet because they were ruining it for everyone else. Sitting near the back of People’s, we also started to hear a noticeable thump of the music from Liar’s Club towards the end of the show. I’m sure it wasn’t something most people noticed, but it was annoying for those of us near the back.

Special thanks to Kerri Photography for taking the rad photos below, and to Midwestix for helping to make the show possible.

By the way, for all of our Eastern Iowa vibers, Martin Sexton and Brothers McCann will in Davenport this coming Thursday 10/11 at the Redstone Room. Tickets can be purchased at Midwestix.

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